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The World’s 1st Eco Conscious Cigarette

woodland craft cigarettes smokey treats biodegradable cigarettes

Cigarettes are all the same, just in different colored boxes. But, this is unlike anything the world has ever smoked. Here’s something truly unique. It’s called Woodland Craft Cigarettes, and some say they’re just to die for!

With superior quality, deliciously natural taste, inspired packaging, and a cause worth fighting for – it’s the best cigarette on, and for, the planet.

woodland craft cigarettes smokey treats biodegradable cigarettes

So what makes this so special?

It’s the first cigarette that doesn’t leave plastic behind.

The filter isn’t made out of plastic, but rather biodegradable wood-pulp. The tobacco does not contain 600 artificial additives, it’s just pure – delicious – African tobacco. The cigarette paper isn’t bleached with chlorine, not even a little bit – and it’s even made from flaxseeds. The packaging has not been laminated in plastic and covered with metal, and synthetic inks – it’s just recycled cardboard and soy ink.

This makes our patent-pending Smokey Treats the obvious choice for the 21st century smoker.

woodland craft cigarettes smokey treats biodegradable cigarettes

Our mission to bring you the world’s very best cigarette took almost 3 years.

Our search for the perfect ingredients was guided by a simple, and unwavering, commitment:

To maximize your pleasure and minimize damage to our environment.

Now, we can promise you just one thing: It’s the finest experience nature has to offer.


We give a damn. We plant trees. And we support local – African – industry. Check it out on the About Us tab.

woodland craft cigarettes biodegradable

Other cigarettes have plastic filters. It’s the most commonly littered item in the world.

Ciggy butts break-up into smaller pieces of plastic over about 15 years, but it never-ever actually biodegrades. Cigarette companies don’t seem to care about the extreme harm these stupid little things inflict on our natural environment.  It’s really shocking. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself in The Problem tab.

Unlike other cigarettes, our filter is made out of unbleached wood-pulp. Therefore, it biodegrades entirely within 3 months. This means that, when you really just want to chuck your stompie after a choof, you can – without destroying the environment.

And don’t worry, we only use trees from sustainably certified sources.

woodland craft cigarettes

This is a cigarette with NO plastic, bleach, or artificial additives.

It’s perfectly crafted, ensuring a smooth and satisfying drag – every time.

This is what tobacco is supposed to taste like. Fresh, earthy, and straight from Africa’s richest soil.  It’s an authentic experience you don’t get anywhere else.

The unbleached flaxseed cigarette paper is the cherry on-top… because you know better than to smoke what you put in your pool. It allows you to appreciate the unadulterated taste of our ultra-premium-grade tobacco – and is friendly to the environment.

How’s this better?

woodland eco friendly cigarettes natural biodegradable smokey treats
woodland cigarettes eco friendly box packaging smokey treats